mardi 6 novembre 2012

Volunteer researchers / field assistants

Hiring Organization:
Phana Macaque Project

Date Posted:

Position Description:
We are looking for several volunteer field assistants / researchers to help with several aspects of monitoring the population of long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis)living in the small forest on the edge of a small rural town in the lower north-east of Thailand.

In particular, we wish to establish the size and composition of the population and the extent of ranging. The monkeys residing in the forest are provisioned by humans and we aim to monitor the frequency, quantity and content of this provisioning. 

During 2013, it is likely that several MSc students will be carrying out studies on this population of M fascicularis as part of their research apprenticeships.

This is an ideal position for someone who wants to gain field experience in preparation for a graduate or post-graduate programme in anthropology, animal behaviour, primatology or ecology. 

For more information about the Don Chao Poo Research Centre, where the work will be based, please see our entry in the Intl Dir of Primatology, under Field Study Sites in Asia (Thailand) as well as the website listed below.

Volunteers must be reliable and motivated individuals able to work independently with little supervision in a foreign country. They should be in good health, able to get along with other volunteers and researchers, and flexible regarding living in a culture different from their own.

Preferred qualifications:

•Undergraduate or graduate courses in anthropology, primatology, or animal behaviour
•Prior experience with systematic data collection in the field
•Prior experience with behavioural observations on wild animals, preferably primates
•Prior experience with living and working abroad
•Ability and interest in video-filming and editing

No funding is currently available.

Volunteers must be willing and able to cover their own airfare and living expenses. Accommodation will be provided in the Don Chao Poo Research Centre or nearby homestays at a cost of $100 per month. Daily cost of living is low in comparison to most European countries and the US and should be no more than $150-200 per month.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
The forest is about 5 minutes away by bicycle (provided). Other amenities include DVD player (bring your own DVDs), a small research library and some leisure reading (in English), extensive photo database, access to free wi-fi nearby. Volunteers may spend some time travelling in Thailand by arrangement and at a time convenient to the project.

Term of Appointment:
3 months or longer

Application Deadline:
Applications accepted at any time. Volunteers are needed to start as soon as possible (November, December 2012, January 2013).

To apply, please send an e-mail to the address below, stating learly why you are interested in this position, your primary qualifications, and your availability. Please state your earliest possible start date and proposed duration. Please attach a current CV, and have two letters of recommendation mailed directly to the same email address, by people who can attest to the qualifications most relevant to this position.

Contact Information:
Don Chao Poo Research Centre, 87 Aupachit Road, Moo 8, Tambon Phana
Amphur Phana, Amnat Charoen Province, none 37180

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