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New Doctoral Program in Ecological Anthropology

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University of Texas at San Antonio

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We are living in a time of unprecedented environmental change. How people impact environments and how environments impact human and nonhuman primates are increasingly complex and important issues. Ecological anthropology at the University of Texas at San Antonio is a holistic and rigorous doctoral program that focuses on the ways in which human and nonhuman primates are embedded within ecological processes and political-economic realities.

Course offerings view ecological anthropology through multiple lenses, including political, cultural, and evolutionary ecology; the social landscapes and economic transformations of current societies, ancient hunters and gatherers, and past complex societies; the ecology, biology, and conservation of nonhuman primates; the anthropology of medical care and human health; and methods in resource management, biodiversity conservation, and intercultural collaboration. Geographical research areas for archaeology include the American Southwest, Texas, Northwest Mexico, Mesoamerica, and Andean South America. Our biological anthropologists conduct research in Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Neotropics. The cultural anthropologists work in the United States, Mexico, US-Mexico borderlands, Lowland South America, Island Pacific, and East and West Africa. With training that is both academic and applied, the graduates of UTSA’s doctoral program in ecological anthropology are uniquely prepared to understand and to engage the environmental challenges of a transforming world.

Graduate Student Support Each year a certain number of competitive fellowships will be awarded to entering doctoral students. Fellowships will be renewed for two successive years pending an annual review process. University and Departmental grants and scholarships are also available. In addition, doctoral students have the opportunity to work as teaching and research assistants. Assistantships will vary, but minimally will entail quarter-time appointments (10 hours per week). Procedures and

Program Contacts To apply for admission to the Ph.D. program in Anthropology, please visit the Graduate School website or call 210-458-4335. Further information about the program can be found at the department website: General questions about the Ph.D. program should be directed to the Department of Anthropology (210-458-4075) or to the Graduate Advisor of Record, Dr. Thad Bartlett,, (210-458-5712). Admission Deadline Admission priority will be given to complete applications received by December 31. The final application deadline is February 1.

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Start + End Dates:
August 2010

Application Deadline:
February 1, 2010

Contact Information:
Graduate Advisor of Record, Dr. Thad Bartlett
Department of Ecological Anthropology, One UTSA Circle
University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio, Texas 78249


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