mardi 5 janvier 2010

Wildlife Volunteer - Macaque Rehabilitation

Hiring Organization:
Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre

Date Posted:

Position Description:
Volunteers will spend a significant amount of time preparing food for the animals, serving it to them and cleaning their enclosures. This includes a variety of ancillary jobs, such as cleaning food bowls, equipment and food preparation areas. Other time is spent preparing enrichments for the animals and also giving tours to visiting tourists as well as assisting development of the education centre. Depending upon the number of volunteers and ongoing activities at the time, there will also be work in connection with building/upgrading enclosures, usually involving a lot of digging and painting.

The types and variety of duties will depend largely on the duration of stay of each volunteer and number and skills of volunteers participating. Some of the work is also seasonal and dependent upon available resources on-site at the time.

Sulawesi has several species of endemic macaques, all under threat from habitat loss and the illegal wildlife trade. This centre cares for victims confiscated from wildlife traffickers and runs a rehabilitation and release programme in cooperation with the Masarang Foundation in Tomohon.

Volunteers with enthusiasm, compassion for animals, team spirit, and who are fit enough to work hard in a hot and humid climate are desired to assist with this wildlife rehabilitation project in Sulawesi. No animal experience is necessary, although representatives from relevant fields are more than welcome to contribute to the team.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Accommodation on site and all meals are included in the volunteer fee, which also supports the costs of feeding the animals. Also included is airport transfer to and from the rescue centre from Manado International Airport [MDC].

Term of Appointment:
Volunteers cover all their own expenses

Contact Information:
Simon Purser
Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre, North Sulawesi 95000

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