jeudi 25 février 2010

Volunteer Field Assistant - Tantalus Monkey Release Project

Hiring Organization:
Nigerian Montane Forest Project

Date Posted:

Position Description:
I am seeking a Volunteer Field Assistant to help with a planned release program. We have three tantalus monkeys (adult male and female and their daughter) living in a cage at the edge of a forest. The parents were wild born and caught as youngsters. They were "rescued" from a village while still young and housed on the campus at my former university (American University of Nigeria). The two became three during July 2009. In late November, the three were moved to their present location, where they are being monitored and cared for by local staff. I seek a student/volunteer to carry out the expansion of the project by monitoring the monkeys' behavior and becoming acquainted with the local troop(s) of tantalus monkeys. We hope to eventually release the three monkeys to join the wild troop. Progress is being made now (the locals visit often), but we need to have better data collection in place before making a decision for release - and then continue to monitor their acceptance (we hope!) into the wild troop.

The location is a beautiful montane forest, high in the Mambilla Plateau of eastern Nigeria. The field station is well-equipped, comfortable, and secure. Various students and field staff are around at all times, so although this is a remote location, you will not be alone/lonely.

I prefer someone who has worked with African monkeys and has a background in biology, psychology, or anthropology. Must be physically fit and energetic. I need someone who is mature and able to make decisions, yet willing to take direction. You must be hard-working, honest, reliable, etc. Letters of reference required.

None. This is a volunteer opportunity.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Lodging is provided. Meals, travel to/from Nigeria, visa fees, etc., are the responsibility of the Volunteer.

Term of Appointment:
At least a three month commmitment is required. Visa restrictions may determine how long we may extend this.

Application Deadline:
No deadline. Position is available immediately.

I am currently in Tanzania, but I am reachable via email. Please email with any questions.

Contact Information:
Janette Wallis
2901 Ginger Drive
Norman 73026

E-mail Address: