vendredi 12 mars 2010

Position in animal behaviour and welfare + Evolution of Social Cognition workshop

The ESF Research Networking Programme "CompCog" (full name: Evolution of Social Cognition: Comparisons and integration across a wide range of human and non-human animal species) is calling for applications:
- to organize workshops (regular workshops: 10000€, discussion meetings: 8000€)
- to organize lab visits (6 students will be financed for a week to visit your lab)
- to have short term research visits (for students, typically not longer than 2 months).

Applications from countries supporting CompCog (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom) have priority.

The deadline for application is 10 April 2010.

For details on the CompCog objectives, the application procedure and the selection processes see

Best regards,
Zsofia Viranyi
CompCog coordinator