jeudi 23 février 2012

Lab Manager/Research Assistant

Hiring Organization:
University of Rochester - Cantlon Lab

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Position Description:
Professor Jessica Cantlon is seeking a full-time lab manager/research assistant for her Concepts, Actions, and Objects Lab at the University of Rochester (New York). The position will offer the opportunity to engage in a wide array of research methods converging on the topic of conceptual thought. The RA position will focus on the organization of concepts and categories (e.g., faces, numbers, living things) in non-human primates (rhesus macaques and olive baboons) and humans. Techniques will include neuroimaging (functional and structural MRI) and behavioral testing with non-human primates and humans.

Responsibilities will include protocol maintenance, designing and programming stimulus materials, and data collection and analysis.

To apply, please send your CV to

Desired skills include behavioral, neurophysiological, or MRI training with non-human primates, and stimulus programming experience (e.g. E-Prime, RealBasic, MatLab, etc.).

Salary is approximately $30K, depending on experience, plus full benefits.

Application Deadline:
May 2012

Contact Information:
Allison Barnard
430 Elmwood Ave
Rochester, NY 14620


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