mercredi 28 avril 2010

Field Assistant: Titi Monkey Behavioral Ecology in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Hiring Organization:
Indiana University, Bloomington

Date Posted:

Position Description:
I am looking for several volunteer field assistants to help with the long-term monitoring of the social behavior, ecology, and genetics of wild titi monkeys (Callicebus donacophilus) in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Field Assistants will be required to do all day follows on the various groups 5 days/week. Assistant responsibilities include recording social and foraging behavior, mapping group movements, entering data, aiding in playback experiments, and collecting fecal samples for genetic analyses.

Previous field work experience or graduate of a qualified field course is preferred. Volunteers should be highly motivated with a strong interest in primate behavior and ecology.

Generally, students should:
1. be in good physical and mental condition
2. be able to cope with early morning starts
3. be comfortable being away from family and friends for long periods of time
4. have a positive attitude
5. be patient and committed

No funding is available at this time. However, subsidized accommodation is available.

Term of Appointment:
September 1, 2010 to December 1, 2010

Application Deadline:

Contact Information:
Kimberly Dingess
PO Box 316
Davenport, NY 13820

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