jeudi 10 février 2011

Volunteering at Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation

Hiring Organization:
Bambelela wildlife Care - Vervet Monkey Rehabilitation

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Position Description:
We do offer long term volunteering with the possibility to become a fully qualified Field Guide with registration and exam at FGASA. Working with Vervet Monkeys needs long term volunteers as we do hand raise and rehabilitate the orphans and injured monkeys, forming troops and learning through observation each and every day.
The following topics will be covered:
- Monkey hand-raising and introduction in troop/rehabilitation
- Caring, cleaning and feeding (including formula preparation) of orphaned or injured wild animals (mammals, raptures and primates)
in the wildlife care
- preparation of food and feeding of sub-adult and adult animal
- preparation of sub-adult animals for release
- observation of released animals in their natural environment in accordance with other species like antelopes, zebras, banded mongoose, Vervet Monkeys, Baboons, predator cats, insectivores etc.
- creative interior decoration of the Handicapped-Monkey Camp, building swings etc.
- conservation efforts and laws in South Africa
- visit to ZEBULA Game Lodge, visiting lion cubs and cheetahs
- educational visit to Crocodile farm Thaba Kwena
- English language spoken

Nature loving people needed.

every year two Students will be accepted at a free boarding and lodging basis. Our volunteer program helps us funding the Wildlife Care.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
2 meals and lodging
wireless Internet
airport transfer [Johannesburg Oliver Thambo International]

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Contact Information:
Silke von Eynern
Groot Nylsoog KR447
Bela Bela, none 0480
South Africa

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