mardi 13 mars 2012

Volunteers for chimpanzee sanctuary, release and parc protection

Hiring Organization:
Chimpanzee Conservation Center- Guinea

Date Posted:

Position Description:
The CCC has three primary objectives: 1) the release of a maximum number of rehabilitated orphans back into the wild, 2) the reinforcement of park protection to help conserve the wild and released chimpanzee population and other wild fauna currently living in the PNHN, and 3) the promotion of public awareness about the threats to chimpanzees in view of stopping the bushmeat and pet trade in the region.
Volunteers' minimum stay is 6 months. Volunteers' work is divided between both sites: the sanctuary and the release site. At the release site, volunteers track the release chimpanzees using VHF. They also help with the protection of the parc. At the sanctuary site, volunteers help with all the activities. They work with the keepers and the management. The activities include preparing baby bottles, going to the chimp feeding, food preparation, going on bush walks with the younger chimps, going to town and villages for food run etc... Some volunteers can also be asked to go on sensitization and education campaign
Plane tickets, vaccines, health insurance are at the volunteers expenses. A 65$ contribution per month and a caution of 65$ are required.

- Conversational French
- Well traveled
- Good health
- Willing to live in a remote area with rough condition
- Animal experience a plus
- Passionate and willing to help

No salaries are provided.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Food, lodging and in country travel to and from the CCC on arrival and departure

Term of Appointment:
6 months starting August 2012

Application Deadline:
No deadline

The CCC takes volunteers all year long, 2 to 3 per cycle.

Contact Information:
Project Primate, Inc.
2032 Belmont Rd., NW, #520
Washington, DC 20009


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