mardi 15 mai 2012

Long-term postdoctoral position in theoretical ecology (Michel Loreau lab)

I am recruiting a postdoctoral fellow on a long-term contract as part of the creation of a Centre for Biodiversity Theory and Modelling at the Experimental Ecology Station in Moulis, France. The mission of the new Centre will be to foster and perform innovative theoretical research into the ecological and societal causes and consequences of biodiversity changes.
The recruited postdoc will help to develop ecological theory in one or several of the following areas:

- unifying approaches to the maintenance of biodiversity;
- predictive models of anthropogenic biodiversity changes;
- effects of biodiversity changes on ecosystem functioning, stability, and services;
- biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in metacommunities;
- evolutionary and adaptive responses of ecosystems to environmental changes;
- societal causes of, and responses to, biodiversity changes.

Theory is understood here broadly as including the following components:

- development of new concepts;
- building and analysis of mathematical models;
- application of these concepts and models to empirical data.

Applicants should meet the following requirements:

- have a PhD in ecology, mathematics or a related field;
- have strong quantitative or mathematical skills;
- develop an independent research project in one or several of the above areas.

A research project that combines mathematical modelling and analysis or meta-analysis of existing data is a plus.
The position is available for a period of 3−5 years starting before the end of 2012, with a contract as IR2 (net monthly salary of about€2,200) renewed on a yearly basis. Review of applications will begin on June 1, 2012, and continue until the position is filled.
To apply, e-mail a letter of application, a CV, a statement of research interests, and arrange to have two letters of recommendation (in either French or English) e-mailed to me.
Michel Loreau
Station d’Ecologie expérimentale, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Moulis, Alice Francener <>