jeudi 24 mai 2012

Project assistant

Hiring Organization:

Wildlife Research and Release Unit

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Position Description:
Wildlife Research and Release Unit (WRRU) is a non-profit unit created to promote appreciation of South Africa's indigenous species and is dedicated to preserve and protect the wildlife and its natural environment. We are working in following areas: education, primate reintroductions and research, as well as veterinary support for local communities.

We are looking for a project assistant/administrative assistant to join our growing team.

You will be expected to do:
- look for grants and write grant proposals
- write donation requests for companies/private donors
- update social media pages and website
- fund-raising
- marketing
- raise the profile of our unit
- design and develop educational programs for local primary school children

No special qualifications are required. However, we are looking for enthusiastic, dedicated and creative team member, who is as passionate about wildlife and its conservation as we are. Good English (speaking and writing) skills are essential.

Send your CV and cover letter explaining your interest in working with us to


Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Depending on your impact to the project and your interest we would encourage you to come to South Africa and join us in a field, where free housing (meals excluded) will be provided.

Term of Appointment:

Application Deadline:
Untill possition is filled

Contact Information:
Joana Griciute
P.O. 594
Trichardtsdal, none 0890
South Africa

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