lundi 1 octobre 2012

Positions for a Post-doc and/or a PhD student

Working with Josh Van Buskirk

Institute of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies, University of Zurich

The project focuses on adaptation to a steep gradient in elevation. The main questions have to do with genetic and demographic limits to adaptation, the interplay between gene flow and selection, and controls on the distributions of species. We will study frog populations along elevational transects in the Swiss Alps. The project involves field surveys and experiments, quantitative genetics, and Next Gen sequencing. This position will be especially suitable for you if you are interested in controls on the distributions of species, limits to adaptation, and the importance of evolutionary responses to climate change.
The postdoc position lasts two years; the PhD position three years. You will join a large and interactive group of evolutionary ecologists working on conservation, population genetics, and demography in a variety of organisms.

Application: Please send to the address listed below (i) a letter describing your interest in this position and your previous research experience (PhD, diploma, masters, RA positions, etc.), (ii) your CV, and (iii) names and contact information of two references. If possible, please email your application as a single PDF document. I will begin screening candidates right away, and the position could begin in late fall or winter.

Josh Van Buskirk
Evolutionary Biology & Environmental Studies
University of Zurich