lundi 9 février 2015

Two PhD positions in Cognitive Science at Lund University

We now have two available PhD-postions in Cognitive science at Lund University. The first is with the Cognitive zoology group (Mathias Osvath), and the second is a general position within the department of cognitive science, and hence open to any topic (related to cognitive science - including cognitive zoology). 

Please spread the information to anyone who might be interested!

1) Doctoral student in Cognitive Science specialising in Cognitive Zoology
- in the project "The social intelligence hypothesis and the episodic memory system"

Apply online:
Read more about the Cognitive zoology group at Lund University: 

2) Doctoral student in Cognitive Science - general
The topic is not yet set, and the position is open to anyone within cognitive science (including cognitive zoology)

Apply online: