mardi 24 mars 2015

Postdoc position in (deer) Ethology at Stockholm University

We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher in Ethology at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.

The project explores deer foraging psychology, in particular plant-herbivore interactions.
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Ulrika Alm Bergvall

A postdoctoral position is available in the research group of Dr Ulrika Alm Bergvall, in collaboration with Prof. Olof Leimar (Stockholm University) and Prof. Charlotta Turner (Lund University). 
We are recruiting a postdoctoral researcher to work in the project ”Pine sapling protection based on plant defence theory and ungulate foraging behaviour”. Ungulate populations are important natural resources, but are also associated with costs by foraging on young pine plants. Herbivore behaviour and physiology have coevolved with plant protection mechanisms over millions of years. By taking advantage of this evolved system it should be possible to improve forest management. The aim of the project is to protect pine saplings from deer browsing by making use of general principles of deer foraging behaviour in relation to the concentration of secondary compounds in a focal tree and its neighbours. The project explores deer foraging psychology, in particular foraging decisions over small to medium spatial scales. The interactions between plants and herbivores are among the most important and intriguing in nature and the scientific field of plant-herbivore interactions is quite broad and rapidly developing.
The work includes fieldwork, data analyses, help with supervision of student projects, article- and grant writing. The field work will mainly be conducted at or nearby the Tovetorp Zoological Research Station, Stockholm University. The project also includes communication with stakeholders.

Eligibility and selection criteria

The applicant must have a doctoral degree (or have a PhD thesis ready with a date fixed within 2015 for thesis defense) from an accredited college/university in Biology, Forestry or a similar field of studies. In filling the position, particular weight will be given to research proficiency and knowledge of relevant theory and methods within forestry, wildlife ecology, animal cognition, foraging psychology or/and evolution of plant defences.

Terms of employment
The position is for two years full time. Start of position should be in 2015 but the exact date is a matter of negotiation with the successful candidate.

For further information, please contact the project leader Ulrika Alm Bergvall at the Department of Zoology, Stockholm University.
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