mardi 20 juin 2017

PhD studentship at RVC - Behavioural and physiological forecasting of seizure activity in dogs

We have a PhD opportunity at RVC in the canine epilepsy group, exploring whether we can use non-invasive measures to detect pre-seizure changes in dogs with epilepsy that would allow us to 'forecast' seizure activity. This will include the use of inertia measurement units to quantify behaviour patterns and physiological measures such as heart rate variability. If successful, new treatment approaches could be explored including acute treatment interventions to abort impending seizures.
This is a multidisciplinary project and the student will benefit from involvement in three research groups: our own epilepsy group at RVC, RVC's Structure and Motion lab with Dr Monica Daley, and the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University with Dr Lucy Asher. The project is also in collaboration with technology company vetsens
This will be a highly quantitative project, and will involve algorithm development and coding. As such, we are looking for a behavioural scientist with an interest in computer science or mathematics, or a mathematician or computer scientist with an interest in behaviour. This is a three year fully funded studentship will be based at RVC’s Hawkshead Campus, starting October 2017. 

I would be really grateful if you could share the link below (or poster attached) with any potential students who may be interested:

I'm more than happy to answer any student enquiries via email on this address (