jeudi 15 juin 2017

Post-doc Position at University of Fribourg (Switzerland)

An assistant position attached to the lab. of Prof. Valérie Camos will be opened on 1st September 2017 (later starting date could be negotiated) at the Department of Psychology, University of Fribourg, Switzerland. The position is a one-year contract that could be extended every year.

Research project
Prof. Camos develops a model of working memory, entitled the time-based resource sharing (TBRS) model. Recently, she proposed to dissociate, within the TBRS model, two distinct systems of verbal maintenance and showed that, depending on some constraints of the task or material, young adults prefer to rely on one or the other system (Camos, 2015, 2017, for reviews). The topic of research for this post-doc project will be related to this model of working memory. More specifically, the research will examine the choice between these two working-memory strategies in older adults and differences between young and older adults therein. This project benefits from a collaboration with Prof. Patrick Lemaire (Université Marseille, France).
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Assistant Duties
As assistant to the chair, the candidate will have to participate in regular teaching duties (e.g., organisation of teaching, seminars, exams preparation) and supervision of students (at bachelor and master level). S/he will also have the opportunities to collaborate on other projects of the research group and to develop a side project on his/her own by proposing topics for research projects to master or bachelor students.

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Experience Needed for this position
- PhD in Cognitive Psychology (or related cognitive science disciplines).
- good French language skills,
- appropriate English language skills to read scientific articles, write, and speak in scientific context.
- strong background in experimental (behaviour) cognitive psychology (i.e., experience with design and implementation of quantitative data collection and data analyses, with recruitment of participants and cognitive testing, as well as academic presentations and writing).
- Excellent management and organisational skills and to work both independently and within a team with minimum supervision and to solve problems as they arise.

Complementary Experience that will be appreciated, but not compulsory
- previous research experience in cognitive aging
- scientific background in cognitive development

Candidates are asked to submit a current Vita, copies of diploma, as well as a cover letter that describes their research interests, previous experience, motivation to apply for this position, career goals, and at least one reference name that could be contacted.

Applications and supporting materials can be submitted in French or in English to: until 1st July 2017; the call remaining open until the position is fulfilled. Any questions could be sent to