jeudi 28 juin 2018

PhD position in Neuroscience, University of Lausanne

We have an open PhD position in our group (Prof. Mehdi Tafti), at the Department of Physiology of University of Lausanne, to work on a multidisciplinary project aiming to investigate the role of cortical and subcortical brain structures in vigilance state regulation. The successful candidate will combine state-of-the-art tools for in vivo electrophysiology (multisite LFP/unit recordings, fiber photometry), optogenetics, and neuroanatomy approaches to investigate the interplay between cortical and subcortical structures during sleep and behavioral tasks in mice.  

Job information
Expected start date in position : Start between September 2018 and November 2018 (flexible)
Contract length : 1 year, renewable 2 x 2 years, maximum 5 years
Workplace : Lausanne, quartier UNIL-Bugnon

More details and application process can be found here: