jeudi 2 février 2017

Poste d'entomologiste en Guyane

Job Title: Researcher position on mosquito vectors of emerging arboviruses

A 24-month researcher position in medical entomology is available in the Amazonian Vectopole  Emile Abonnenc at the Institut Pasteur de la Guyane, Cayenne, French Guiana.

Context: Present in French Guiana since 1940, the Institut Pasteur de la Guyane (IPG), a non-profit private  foundation  of  public  utility,  is  part  of  the  Institut  Pasteur  International  Network.  Its  missions are structured in four  components:  research,  public  health, education  and  services.  The  main  research  topics  are  focused  on  tropical emerging  and  infectious  diseases,  involving teams  working in virology, parasitology, entomology and epidemiology.

The host laboratory: The Amazonian Vectopole contributes to research, public health and training  in  French  Guiana  and  the  Guiana  Shield  region. To  date,  research  activities  of  the  vectopole focused  on  control  and  adaptation  of  mosquito  vectors, entomological surveillance, vectors of  emergent diseases, and will host in the next future a research group studying interaction between  mosquito microbiota and  vectorial  capacity. The  recruited  researcher  will benefit  from the  new  research  platform  in  entomology (biosafety  laboratory  of  level  3,  molecular  biology  facilities, insectaries, taxonomy laboratory and mosquito collections) and a facilitated access to field sites.
Job position: A call for application is opened to recruit an experienced researcher to take over the lead of research programs on vectors  of  emergent arboviroses. Various arboviruses  of  sanitary interest are circulating in the Amazon region in a context of environmental disturbances, mainly  due to deforestation, which facilitates contact between humans and selvatic mosquito vectors. 

The  researcher  will  get  support  of experienced staff already recruited  in  the  vectopole  on  that  thematic. The research work will be performed in connection with teams of the IPG and scientific  partners in the region.
Minimum Qualifications require:  Ph.D. in Entomology or a related field; doctoral and/or postdoctoral experience working with arthropod vectors of medical and/or veterinary significance;  demonstrated research productivity; evidence of ability to establish an externally-funded research program; evidence of effective oral communication skills
Application: Please respond by e-mail to Mirdad Kazanji ( with a  statement of research interests and career objectives, CV, statement describing the main line of a research program, and names with contact information for three references. Application deadline:  March 31, 2017.

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