vendredi 17 février 2017

Primate Behaviour & Ecology Field Course at Danau Girang Field Centre, 2017 - Offer

Methods and Techniques in Primate Behaviour and Ecology -  24 July 7 August 2017

Danau Girang Field Centre, Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary, Sabah, Borneo

A two-week field course in the tropical forest of the Lower Kinabatangan Wildlife Sanctuary in Sabah, Borneo is being offered for the 6th consecutive year by Danau Girang Field Centre, from 24 July - 7 August 2017. The course will not run with less than 8 students, with a maximum of 15 spots. The cost is £1200, which does not include your return ticket to and from the field centre.

Tuition will be given in the following areas: satellite tracking and radio-telemetry of diurnal and nocturnal primates, habitat and phenology sampling, methods in behavioural observation, primate census methods, GPS, and primate endo-parasites analysis. In the first week, lectures will be given that introduce concepts in primate behaviour and ecology, current topics in primate research (with special focus on primate behaviour), and a range of research methods. At the end of the first week, the students will develop their own research projects and apply one of the taught methods to collect their own data. At the end of the course, the students will give a mini-presentation about their project. In addition, the students will learn how to propose a research idea. You may be able to arrange independent study or dissertation credit from your university.

Cost includes: transportation to and from the field centre by bus and boat from Sandakan airport, your accommodation and meals/drinks at the field centre during the two weeks, a conservation fee, fuel for boat trips, and the use of the facilities (including laboratory space, electricity, running water and internet!). The cost does NOT include a round-trip international flight. Students with special dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian) or allergies can be accommodated but needs to be pre-arranged.

The application is processed on a first come first served basis.

Contact Danica Stark to enrol or for more information:
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