mercredi 6 septembre 2017

PhD position – Vocal communication in white rhinoceros

Application deadline: 01.10.2017
Institute of Zoology, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover: PhD position available on vocal behaviour of white rhinoceros
The team of Dr. Marina Scheumann studies vocal communication in different mammalian species.
Here, we offer a DFG-funded PhD position as a part of the DFG project: “Vocal correlates of mate  quality and proceptivity in the vocalizations of white rhinoceros”. The aim of the project is to
investigate whether vocal correlates might encode mate quality, the willingness to mate as well as
the reproductive status of the sender. This would allow to develop bioacoustic monitoring systems to
improve breeding management.
•  The applicant will collect behavioural and acousticdata as well as faecal samples in different
national and international zoos (at least 2 x 6 month stay for data collection)
•  Analysis of audio- and video recordings with specialized software
•  Conducting and analyzing playback experiments in some zoos
•  Performing statistical analysis
•  Publication of the results
We offer:
•  DFG-funded PhD position (65%) for three years starting on 15
January 2018
•  Scientific networking with different national and international zoos
•  Introduction to up-to-date bioacoustic methods; education in hormonal analysis
•  International working atmosphere
We expect:
•  M.Sc. degree (or equivalent) in biology or similar fields
•  Very good English skills (written and spoken) and the ability to communicate with the zoo
staff in German
•  Good statistical, analytic and computational skills
•  Experience in behavioural biology and bioacoustics would be beneficial
•  High motivation to travel to European zoos for at least 2 x 6 months (travel costs are covered
by the DFG grant)
•  Driver’s license
Please send your application (CV, Copies of certificates, letter of motivation, names of potential
referees) by 1
October 2017to
For details on the team and on other ongoing projects contact
Dr. Marina Scheumann, Institute of Zoology, University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, D-30559
Hannover Tel. +49 511 9538750 Fax. +49 511 9538586