jeudi 24 mai 2018

research manager striped mouse project

Position as research manager (September 2018-November 2019)
at the striped mouse project in South Africa,

We are looking for an extremely motivated and independent biology student with a master’s degree to join the striped mouse project in August or September 2018 at least until November 2019 and for a maximum of 3 years as research manager. This position is suitable for somebody who would like to gain experience in field work and scientific management. Managers get free accommodation at the station and a compensation to cover their daily costs. Travel costs can be refunded by up to an additional R 12 000 / year. As such, the position compensates for all arising costs but does not represent a real employment.
As research manager you will work closely together with the station manager and both managers will share responsibilities. However, each will have specific main duties, but should also be able to deal with all other duties (for example when the other manager is on leave, or when a new manager has to be trained). Our current research manager will leave the project in October 2018. The new research manager will be instructed by the present research manager.
Skills needed: Good experience in field work and good knowledge of behavioural ecology or a similar field of research. Experiences in working with small mammals, radio-tracking, blood sampling, living at a remote location are of advantage.
You must be hard-working, highly motivated, able to work independently, good in communicating with people, able to supervise others, and not afraid of snakes. You must have a drivers licence and you must love to live at a remote place in nature, without regular internet and cell-phone reception. Most importantly, you are fascinated by nature and science!
Great opportunity: This is a great opportunity to spend 1.5-3 years in Africa, acquiring important skills in field biology and project management, while improving your CV. These skills will become valuable whether you later continue with a PhD or other jobs. It will be very hard and demanding, but also a once in a life time experience!
Job description: Five working days a week (Mo, Tue, Thu, Fr, Sat), with Wednesday being used for a shopping trip to town (not counted as working day) and Sundays being free. Included are four weeks of holiday for 12 months, which has to be taken outside the main breeding season (August to November) during periods when other students are present at the research station.

Primary duties research manager / secondary duties station manager
·         Data:
o   Weekly data entry
o   Weekly data check
o   Monthly data backup
o   Monthly data report
o   Training and supervision of field assistants
o   Training of students and postdocs
o   Support for students and postdocs
o   Management of transmitters
o   Management of field and laboratory supplies

Primary duties station manager / secondary duties research manager
·         Technical support research station:
o   Water system incl. sewage system
o   Solar system
o   Gas bottles replacement
o   House and furniture
o   Running of the respirometry laboratory
o   Management of the captive colony
o   Management of the research station car
o   Management of bank account and cash box
o   Management of research station supplies

·         Free accommodation.
  • A monthly compensation of R 4 700, which is sufficient to pay all costs of living.
  • For travel costs, R12 000 per year can be refunded, but proof (receipts) must be presented for this. This refund is only payable after October 2019 and will not be paid if the person leaves earlier than agreed.
  • You will become an honorary researcher at the University of the Witwatersrand in the group of Prof. N. Pillay.
  • Scientific co-authorship will be possible if the manager contributes to the success of projects by not only collecting the majority of data, but also by data analysis and writing of the manuscript.
·         The manager has to cover the costs to get to the station, including travel costs and visa fees. For this, a refund can be paid (see above).
  • The manager needs to arrange for a health insurance covering him / her during the stay. A copy must be sent to C. Schradin before travelling to the stations.
Place and project: Succulent Karoo Research Station (SKRS) in the Goegap Nature Reserve near Springbok in the Northern Cape of South Africa. The research projects are on the socio-ecology of small mammals, studying ecological and physiological reasons of social behaviour, behavioural flexibility, cognition, and physiological adaptation.
Period: The new manager is expected to start in August or September 2018 and to stay at least until the end of November 2019, the end of the breeding season 2019. The agreement might be extended for a total period of up to 3 years.
How to apply? Please send a CV, a letter of motivation and the names and contact information of at least two scientists available for reference. The letter of motivation should state why you think you are the perfect candidate for this, and when you could start.
Application deadline: 17th of June 2018.

Further information under
Dr. Carsten Schradin, Director of the Succulent Karoo Research Station, a registered South African non-profit organization supporting research in organismic biology.