lundi 20 décembre 2010

PhD in the field of ecology and/or evolutionary biology

The Laboratory of Aquatic Biology at K.U.Leuven Campus Kortrijk offers a position for a
Task – We seek a scientist that is motivated to prepare a PhD in the field of ecology and/or evolutionary biology. We focus on the evolutionary model system, the water flea Daphnia and her parasites. The research question deals with the impact of changing environmental conditions (eutrophication, climate change and effects thereof on internal stoichiometry, food quality) on host-parasite co-evolution. The research will be carried out at the Interdisciplinary Research Facility Life Sciences at K.U.Leuven-Campus Kortrijk, a satellite campus of K.U.Leuven.
Profile – The candidate has obtained an MSc diploma, is a motivated scientist and has distinguished him/herself during the studies or in scientific research. The candidate is interested in evolutionary biology, aquatic ecology or microbiology. Experience in working with microorganisms or with molecular methods is appreciated.
Contract – We offer a one-year full-time contract with a possibility of prolongation to 4 years upon positive evaluation.
Candidates should send a cv and a motivation to or before Febrary 1st, 2010. Both people can provide more information about the position.