mardi 14 décembre 2010

PhD Position in Human Psychophysics and Monkey Neurophysiology

A PhD position is available in the research team of Dr. Antonino Casile, team leader in the Center for Neuroscience and Cognitive Systems (CNCS, Rovereto, Italy). The group is a newly established and very enthusiastic research team of CNCS. Part of it, is presently hosted in the Department of Neurobiology of the Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA, and focuses on investigating perception-action couplings in both humans and monkeys by means of different experimental tools.

The PhD position will be available in 2011 and it will be assigned based on an international competition. The call will be posted in March 2011 and the winner of the competition will be announced before summer. The PhD program will follow the organization of the School of Doctoral Programs of the University of Trento. Students interested in taking part to the competition can immediately start sending their CVs. In the meantime we have also open positions as paid internship (equivalent to research assistant). The position is meant for investigating the interplay between perception and action either at the neurophysiological level by performing single-unit recordings in the monkey or at the behavioral level by performing psychophysical and possibly brain imaging experiments in humans. The final decision will depend on the specific interests of the student.

We seek highly motivated Italian or international candidates with an educational background in neuroscience, engineering, physics, computational neuroscience, biology or related fields. Experience in neurophysiology as well as programming (Matlab or C/C++) and data analysis skills are highly desirable. Applications should include a CV, a statement of research experience and interests, and names of 2 referees. 
Please send your application by E-mail both to Dr. Antonino Casile (antonino_casile [ à ] and Ms. Sara Maistrelli (Cncs_selezioni [ à ]

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