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PhD position on cooperation in wild Assamese macaques

Hiring Organization:
Courant Research Centre Evolution of Social Behaviour, Georg-August University Göttingen

Position Description:
We are seeking to fill a PhD position working on the cognitive and emotional bases of cooperative behavior in wild Assamese macaques at Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. The Assamese macaque project is run by Julia Ostner and Oliver Schülke (, Courant Research Centre Evolution of Social Behaviour, Georg-August University Göttingen. Candidates will enroll in the graduate program of Göttingen University. The research project will focus on triadic awareness, emotional book-keeping, and contingent reciprocity.
Field work at Phu Khieo will include detailed behavioral observations combined with playback experiments.

Applicants should have a Masters degree in Biology, Ecology, Animal Behavior, Physical Anthropology, Primatology, or a related field. Prior experience with playback studies is a plus.
Fieldwork (approx. 1.5 years)is physically very demanding (long rainy season, difficult terrain, isolated and basic field conditions, long days in the forest) and potentially dangerous (encounters with king cobras, leopards, bears, elephants are possible),hence, interested individuals should be physically fit, have previous experience with field work in the tropics and be comfortable being away from family and friends for extended periods of time. Successful candidates should be able to work and decide independently, be comfortable alone in the forest, while still being a good team player.
Candidates should hold a valid driver's license. The language in our team is English, but candidates should be willing to learn basic Thai.

A stipend (approx. 800-1000€/month) is available for the first year. Funding for a PhD position is available for year 2-3.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Travel costs and accommodation will be covered.

Term of Appointment:
minimum 3 years, starting as soon as possible

Applications should include a letter describing research experiences and motivation, a CV and contact information of two referees. Applications should be  send to Julia Ostner ( Review of applications will start January 3rd 2011 and will continue until position is filled.

Contact Information:
Julia Ostner
Kellnerweg 6
Göttingen 37077

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