mardi 11 janvier 2011

Construction volunteer

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Position Description:
CERCOPAN have two centres in southeast Nigeria. One is in the town of Calabar where we have our administration offices, primate enclosures, education/visitors centre, permanent veterinary facilities and staff accommodation. The volunteer would be based at our second centre at Rhoko in the Nigerian rainforest which is about 80 km away from Calabar and 8 km from the village of Iko Esai, with possible temporary duties in Calabar. There is a dedicated workshop with tools and power tools (used in conjunction with portable generator). There is a VHF radio and mobile phone antenna for communications with Calabar. There is a refrigerator, laptop, and solar power. CERCOPAN has been assisting the Iko Esai community to protect more than 20,000 hectares of community forest on the borders of the cross River National Park since 2000. The site is home to 60 semi-free ranging forest monkeys, and an array of wildlife including pangolins, wild putty nosed guenons, Mona monkeys, bushbabies, duikers, golden cats and drills.

Volunteer responsibilities
The volunteer will be responsible for undertaking construction and maintenance of the physical environment of Cercopan’s Rhoko operations and where practicable at our establishment in Calabar. This will involve the management, training and development of local staff.

Duties in 2011 will include managing the completion of the construction of the community centre in Iko Esai, maintaining, repairing, replacing, constructing, upgrading existing Rhoko camp built environment and services including: Staff accommodation, ecotourism accommodation, Dining/communal area, Workshop Offices, kitchen, Nature Trail furniture and signage, viewing platforms tree platform, fencing primate enclosures, simple furniture for accommodation etc. and preferably maintaining and servicing 2 toyota hilux vehicles. In addition, the volunteer will also assist with the construction of the new CERCOPAN administrative and rehabilitation site, including, enclosures, buildings, fences etc.

- Appropriate technical qualification within a construction and/or building services discipline (e.g. BTEC ordinary/higher national level diploma or equivalent) or equivalent high level of work experience
-It is essential that the volunteer has sufficient work experience and skills to undertake the duties described above. We are looking for a good all rounder who possesses a wide range of skills/knowledge/experience. We accept that strengths in some areas will offset weakness in others with the overriding need to get the job done which may require the volunteer to learn on the job.
-Driving licence essential, ability to drive 4 x 4 and some knowledge of basic vehicle maintenance beneficial

Personal Qualities

-Must be able to live and work in the rainforest environment
-Hands-on person who can lead by example
-Good interpersonal skills, ability to resolve conflict in a diplomatic way
-Ability to work well with people of different cultures and skill levels
-Ability to motivate and build confidence in a team environment
-Flexibility and ability to think laterally
-Good negotiation skills
Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
One day off a week and an extra day per month. Bed and board provided. 1 year contract preferred but would also consider short term applicants for periods of 2-3 months for the right candidates who are able to 'hit the ground running'.
Position to commence March 2011.
Term of Appointment:
3 months - 1 year depending on candidate
Application Deadline:
March 15th 2011
Contact Information:
Claire Coulson
4 Ishie Lane,
Telephone Number:
+234 (0)8060625458