lundi 17 janvier 2011

offre d'emploi

Senior Research Officer
WWT HQ, Slimbridge / Madagascar
37.5 Hours per week, 22 months fixed-term contract
£24,379 - £25,662 pa
We are looking to recruit a Senior Research Officer to undertake research for the Madagascar Pochard recovery programme. The Madagascar Pochard Aythya innotata is one of the rarest birds in the world. Considered extinct between 1992 and 2006, a tiny remnant population was recently discovered at a previously unknown locality in northern Madagascar. It is believed that there are fewer than ten adult females remaining in the wild.
A recovery programme is now under way, managed by the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) – a leading international wetland conservation NGO, Durrell Wildlife, which has a long-running conservation programme in Madagascar, and The Peregrine Fund, whose staff discovered the pochards. Funded by the Mitsubishi Foundation, the Darwin Initiative and the project partners, this programme aims to conserve the remaining wild population and develop a conservation breeding programme that will provide a source of birds for reintroduction to restored wetlands.
The recovery programme will be underpinned by a research project that aims to provide the evidence-base for decision-making by the programme managers. Initially, the research project will have the objectives of: Understanding the ecology and life history of the remaining wild population. Identifying the threats and limiting factors affecting the remaining wild population. Conducting pilot evaluations of potential conservation management options for the wild population. Using ecological inference, comparative analysis and GIS modelling to identify priority sites for searching for undiscovered pochard populations elsewhere in Madagascar. Undertaking searches for undiscovered Pochard populations in priority areas. Using the modelling and spatial analysis to identify potential reintroduction sites/networks, and the management requirements for reintroduction sites. Using the project to build Malagasy capacity for undertaking conservation research.
In the future, the research will also investigate the potential for overlap between Madagascar Pochard site management and the provision of ecosystem services and wetland livelihoods in Madagascar. In addition, research will be needed to monitor and adaptively manage trial releases of captive reared pochard.
We are looking for a dynamic and multi-skilled conservation scientist who would enjoy the challenge of a 22 months fixed-term contract, based for between 5 – 8 months of the year in Madagascar, working on this exciting and vital project. The work will combine ecological fieldwork at the remaining Madagascar Pochard site and spatial analysis of pochard distribution and habitats, with potential expeditionary work to search for undiscovered pochard populations. The post-holder will be expected to work alongside and mentor PHD
students. Flexibility, ingenuity, independence and persistence will be prerequisites in what is an isolated and difficult working environment.
To apply for this position please click on the following link and complete our on-line application form
Closing date for applications is 4th February 2011.