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Field assistant for golden-handed tamarin research project in Suriname.

Hiring Organization:
Southern Illinos University Carbondale

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Position Description:
I am looking for field assistants for my Ph.D. research on the roles of golden-handed tamarin (Saguinus midas) males in Suriname. Field assistants will assist me in all-day follows of multiple groups to collect behavioral and hormonal data. Responsibilities include data collection, data entry, trapping and marking of tamarins, census, phenology, trail maintenance and other logistical duties related to field work. Using GPS units to collect tamarin ranging data will also be done. This project is from October, 2012-March, 2014.

What can you get out of this experience?
Field work is a tough job that is not suited for everyone. It can be a physically and mentally challenging process. You are working with a small team of people for long periods of time. If you can get through the demanding parts of field work, you can come away with this experience trained in multiple aspects of field research. Such methods include systematic data collection, understanding phenology, and mapping. Such training is useful for individuals interested in pursuing graduate programs in anthropology and other related fields.

Field work is a collaborative effort. One of the most important qualifications I am looking for in a field assistant is the willingness to learn, to accept and make mistakes, and to enjoy the field work experience. At times, field work can be grueling, isolating, and stressful. Patience, flexibility, and working as a team are key elements for this line of work.

Previous field work experience is not necessary. It is a plus if you have a background in anthropology, genetics, zoology, animal behavior, environmental science, or other fields focusing on scientific and systematic methods of data collection. Your experience does not necessarily have to be related to such fields. You will be given on-the-job training once you arrive in Suriname. Field assistants will be trained for four to six weeks before assisting me in the data collection.

Other qualifications include:
-Able to work independently and also as a team.
-Able to work in a hot, humid, and wet environment.
-Experience living in the tropics.
-Able to live in a field station with no running water and electricity. We have a large water tank that collects rainwater that supplies our drinking water. Running water and electricity are available in buildings at a 5-minute walking distance from the field station.
-Be sensitive and aware that living in a foreign country will take time to learn and understand customs and traditions. Following the local rules and customs are critical as we are guests of that country.
-Be mindful of others.
-Be open to communicate with people to solve problems.
-Knowledge of mapping software such as ArcGIS is a plus in addition to other software.
-Live with limited contact from friends and family.
-Live with limited Internet access.

Stipend: This depends on available funding and from pending grants.
If funding is granted, field assistants will be paid $100 USD/month if he or she can commit to a 6-month term. Compensation for shorter commitments will be negotiated.

Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
1. Suriname visa
2. Gear related to data collection such as field notebooks, flagging tapes, GPS units, and binoculars are provided during field work.
3. Cell phone for use in Suriname.
4. Transportation to/from Paramaribo to the field site is provided.

Other expenses such as airfare, vaccinations, food, and lodging are to be covered by the field assistant.

Term of Appointment:
This project is from October, 2012-March, 2014. Positions are available year-round. Minimum of 3-month commitment. Longer time period of up to 6 months is preferred. The start date is flexible but people interested in starting in October, 2012-December, 2012 are given priority. Students can apply to be field assistants during summer breaks such as Summer 2013.

Application Deadline:
For field work in October, 2012-March, 2013: Application deadline is May 20, 2012. For April, 2013-March 2014: Rolling deadline.

This job listing is a brief description of the field assistant position. Please e-mail me for the full job description and application process with the subject titled, "Field assistant." Please e-mail me if you have any questions.

Contact Information:
Chihiro Shibata
Department of Anthropology
Carbondale, IL 62901


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