jeudi 26 avril 2012

Research assistant

Hiring Organization:
Courant Research Center Evolution of Social Behavior, University of Göttingen

Position Description:
We are searching for a research assistant for behavioral observation of wild Assamese macaques at Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand. The work is part of our longterm project on social evolution of macaques at Phu Khieo. Daily work will include the recording of social behavior using a handheld computer, recording of travel routes, collection of fecal samples for hormone/genetic analyses and electronic data entry/management. Work is done by a team of international and Thai assistants and students. The study area comprises a primary forest at an elevation of 500-1,300m asl (monsoon climate with cold winters). In addition to several primate species, the area harbors e.g., elephants, gaurs, bears, cats, wild dogs, jackals, snakes (including cobras) and plenty of leeches, mosquitoes, spiders, and ticks. Most of the work is off-trail including areas with dense undergrowth and bamboo stands. Basic accomodation is available at the headquarters within the sanctuary. Further information about the field site and researcha ctivties can be found at our webpage:

The work in the forest is physically demanding (particularly during the rainy season) and field workers regularly encounter elephants, gaurs, bears, packs of wild dogs, snakes, etc. Applicants should be physically fit, self-reliant, and feel comfortable under the conditions described. Applicants should also be conformtable to work at times alone in the forest. The ability to or the willingness to learn to ride a motorbike is essential. Applicants should be independent and have social skills, a motivation to take on responsibility, and tolerance to adjust to an unfamiliar culture. Applicants should have a BS or BA (Biology, Physical Anthropology or related field), prior research experience, and prior field experience.

No salary is provided, but transportation and basic living costs on-site will be covered; TRAVEL COSTS WILL BE REIMBURSED ONLY AFTER SUCCESSFUL COMPLETION OF 6 MONTHS ON SITE, i.e., successful applicants have to initially cover their transportation costs.

Term of Appointment:
6 months, starting in January 2013

Application Deadline:
May 15, 2012

Applicants should send a CV, a letter of interest that shows how the applicant meets the qualifications for the position as outlined above, and gives the names of at least two people that would serve as a reference.

Contact Information:
Julia Ostner Kellnerweg 6 Göttingen 37077 Germany Telephone Number: +49-551-393925 Fax Number: +49-551-399637 Website: E-mail Address: