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PhD position: Food Perception and Categorization in Children, Institut Paul Bocuse/LEAD, Ecully, FR, date limite: 30 sept. 2016

Call for PhD application

Food perception and categorization in children (2-4)
suffering from congenital metabolic diseases

The Research Center of the Institut Paul Bocuse, the Laboratory for Research on Learning and
Development (CNRS UMR 5022), and a leader company in the delivery of foods for patients with
specific nutritional needs, are looking for highly talented candidates for an application to a PhD in
cognitive science.

General aim
The survival of children born with congenital metabolic diseases depends upon the observance of a
very strict diet. Small portions of fruits and vegetables, hypoprotidic foods, and a formula of
different amino acids generally constitute their daily meals. Despite the efforts of the industry to
improve the taste of the amino acids formula, it has been reported that many young children (2-3
years of age) who previously accepted the formula tend to reject it later despite its vital character.
We may reasonably hypothesize that this commonly observed rejection of the formula is due to its
visual appearance that likely mismatches with the early food categories emerging at this moment of
the child cognitive development. This hypothesis is in line with recent evidence on food neophobia in
young healthy children (Lafraire, Rioux, Giboreau, Picard, 2016).
The general aim of the present project is to test this general hypothesis of the central role of vision in
food rejection with children suffering from congenital metabolic diseases. The practical aim is to
identify the various levers (sensorial, cognitive, social) that could facilitate the recognition of the
amino acid formula as a genuine food in order to facilitate its acceptance. More precisely, on the
basis of the experimental results, the PhD candidate will be able to recommend strategies (visual
modes of presentation, parental strategies, etc.) to foster food acceptance and offer the opportunity
of food enjoyment for these children and their families.

Candidate skills
The candidate should hold a recent graduate degree (Master or equivalent) in the field of
psychology, cognitive science, or Life, Food and Environmental Sciences. A real interest in practical
application and transfer to industry is preferable. This position requires autonomy, creativity, and the
proper mindset to conduct a project in a multidisciplinary research center at the crossroads between
fundamental research, applied studies and culinary arts.

Specific tasks
-To elaborate, conduct experiments (in accordance with the methodological criteria of psychology)
-To conduct the statistical analyses of the data
-To publish in peer-reviewed international journals

Application modalities
Candidates are encouraged to email jeremie.lafraire [ chez ] institutpaulbocuse
if they have doubts about whether their profile matches this call.
Please send the following application documents merged in one PDF document to:
jeremie.lafraire [ chez ]
please put “PhD application IPB” as “object” for your email.

Documents required:
- CV
- Cover letter/availability
- One letter of recommendation
- Last university/school reports
- A recent writing sample (optional)

Position type: PhD Student
Primary location: Lyon area
Travel: ≈10%
Research theme: Food perception and categorization in children with congenital metabolic diseases

Scientific advisors:
Jean-Pierre Thibaut, PhD in psychology, professor of developmental psychology (LEAD CNRS -
Universite Bourgogne Franche-Comte - UMR 5022)
Jeremie Lafraire, PhD in Cognitive Science, research scientist in cognitive science at the Institut Paul
Bocuse, (Ecully, 69), associate researcher at the Institut Jean Nicod, CNRS-EHESS-ENS (Paris)
jeremie.lafraire [ chez ]

Duration: 3 years
Deadline for application: September 30th, 2016
Pre-selection notification: October 5th, 2016
Interview: From mid-October in Paris, Lyon or by Skype
Starting date: January 2017

Lafraire, J., Rioux, C., Giboreau, A., Picard, D. (2016). Food rejections in children: Cognitive and
social/environmental factors involved in food neophobia and picky/fussy eating behavior. Appetite, 96, 347-
Thibaut, J. P., Nguyen, S. P., Murphy, G. L. (2016). Body and soul: Do children distinguish between foods
when generalizing biological and psychological properties?. Early Education and Development, 1-13.

Jérémie Lafraire
Chargé de recherche
Research scientist

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