lundi 22 août 2016


Title: Project on the exploration behaviour of Red Knots at NIOZ (Texel, The Netherlands)
The department of Coastal Systems at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research (NIOZ) on Texel, the Netherlands (see:, is seeking volunteers to assist in field-based lab experiments from the 1st of October 2016 to the 31st of March 2017.
These assistants will work as part of an ongoingstudy on the ontogeny of personality of Red Knots (Calidris cantus) carried out at our experimental shorebird facility at the NIOZ.
Work will include:
1) The live-scoring of individual behaviour during exploration tests using open source event logging software
2) Data collection, entry and management
3) Collection of small mollusks (prey) on the mudflats
4) Catching knots from their holding cages and participating in general husbandry
Successful candidates must have experience in handling- and observing birds. Applicants should also be highly motivated and well organized, with capabilities of working both in a group and independently. Lab days can be long and applicants must be prepared to work during weekends and holidays.
The working language at the Institute is English, so good knowledge of the language is required. Assistants interested in these projects should be prepared to live on Texel for the duration of the project. Information about accommodations available at the NIOZ can be found here
( The applicants should be aware that although food collection is outdoors the project evolves around captive animals and will be largely lab based.
The NIOZ is the National Oceanographic Institution of the Netherlands. The research emphasis of the NIOZ is on innovative, multidisciplinary and independent fundamental research in shallow coastal seas and in open oceans. The institute owns its own research vessels, laboratories and the large marine research equipment pool of which much is designed by the institute’s own technical department.
If you are interested in applying please apply (including your cv) via email to
Eva Kok
Department of Coastal Systems Landsdiep 4 1797 SZ 't Horntje (Texel)
The Netherlands