mercredi 17 août 2016

Post-doctoral Research Associate position available to investigate the consequences of out-group conflict in cichlid fish

A three-year PDRA position in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol is available to join Professor Andy Radford’s research team funded by a European Research Council Consolidator Grant.

The overall project will consider behavioural, physiological, reproductive and evolutionary consequences of out-group conflict, using both empirical and theoretical approaches. This specific role will focus on the study of a captive population of the group-living cichlid fish Neolamprologus pulcher; fish are housed in the aquarium facilities at the University of Bristol. The role will entail the setting up of breeding groups, collection of detailed behavioural observations and reproductive data, running of various short-term and longer-term experimental manipulations (involving simulated intrusions), non-invasive hormonal sampling, statistical analysis and interpretation of results, development of new data-collection protocols, and paper writing. The post holder will also interact extensively with other team members who will be focusing on theoretical modelling, meta-analyses, and empirical data collection from dwarf mongooses and humans.

The successful candidate will have a PhD in a relevant subject, a strong interest in social conflict, extensive experience working with fish, and a proven track record of designing and implementing experiments and of using mixed-modelling statistical approaches. They will be highly motivated, collaborative and an excellent communicator (especially with respect to writing), and have a demonstrable desire to learn new skills.

Professor in Behavioural Ecology
School of Biological Sciences
Life Sciences Building
24 Tyndall Avenue