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School of Agriculture, Food & Rural Development Research Associate  Grade F                                     Job Ref: D1541R

Research Associate

Main Duties and Responsibilities
1.     To input to the activities associated with a BBRC/Innovate UK grant and provide data that enables the automated detection of the consequences of health and welfare challenges.

Main Duties and Responsibilities

1.     Co-ordinate own work with that of others, deal with problems which may affect the achievement of research objectives and contribute to the planning of the project.
2.     Liaise with participating commercial farms for the collection of relevant data and validation of the automated system.
3.     Use initiative and creativity to analyse and interpret research data and draw conclusions on the outcomes.
4.     Present information on research progress and outcomes to Principal Investigator and relevant groups overseeing the research project
5.     Maintain relationships with project partners and sponsors and assist with flow of information between project partners and stakeholders
6.     Work to deadlines and manage, with support, competing priorities

Research Role Profile

As part of our commitment to career development for research staff, the University has developed 3 levels of research role profiles. These profiles set out firstly the generic competences and responsibilities expected of role holders at each level and secondly the general qualifications and experiences needed for entry at a particular level. It is unlikely that any single member of staff will be applying all these competences at any one time but he or she would be expected to display most of them over a period of time.

Please follow this link to our Research Role Profiles

Person Specification

Knowledge (inc. qualifications)
·       A PhD  in a relevant area of science (animal behavior, veterinary medicine/science, or animal health)

·       Clear understanding of pig behavior, health and welfare problems and the relevant research issues
·       Clear understanding how to conduct research of high quality and report its outcomes
·       Clear understanding of research in a commercial context, meeting end user needs
·       Clear understanding of the requirements of industry led collaborative projects

·       Understanding of novel health detection technologies
·       Knowledge of behavioural and physiological techniques applicable to this research area
·       Understanding of practical pig farming

Skills (professional, technical, managerial, practical)

·       Good level of analytical skills and the ability to communicate complex information clearly, both orally and through the written word
·       The ability to publish own research in good quality scientific journals
·       The ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, including the farm support team
·       The ability to use personal initiative and creativity to solve research problems

·       Prior experience of working in international and collaborative projects with the industry
·       Prior experience of behavioural and physiological techniques applicable to pig health and welfare assessment
·       Prior experience of working with pigs

Experience and Achievements (paid or unpaid)

·       Peer reviewed publications
·       Postgraduate experience in a relevant area of research
·       Laboratory experience with diagnostic techniques.
·       Home Office Personal License

·       Postdoctoral experience, especially in the area of pig health and behaviour
·       Experience of commercial pig farming

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