mercredi 7 décembre 2016

vacancy: Researcher in animal welfare and sustainable production systems

Vacancy: Researcher in animal welfare and sustainable production systems
Reference: 40/16
Adscription Program: Animal Nutrition
Adscription Subprogram: Animal Nutrition and Welfare
Location: Monells (Girona)
Working schedule: Fulltime 37.5 hours per week, morning and afternoon
Level: Researcher D in the R+D+T scale of IRTA.
Salary: 37.084,81 € annual salary (Spanish Decree Law 3/2010).

Contract duration: Temporary employment contract of one year, with possibility of further continuity. Immediate incorporation.

Specific functions:
- Develop and lead research on animal welfare, health and husbandry in sustainable livestock production.
- Experimental and modeling studies on agro-livestock systems and interactions with animal welfare and climate change.
- Study of factors that influence decision-making on welfare in livestock, and the construction and implementation of support tools in these processes to improve the competitiveness of livestock farms.
- Propose, develop and coordinate public and private research projects on welfare and sustainable livestock production, both at the regional, national, European and international levels.
- Establish networks with international research centers to promote and participate in welfare and sustainable production projects.
- Promote and participate in multidisciplinary research on sustainable animal production with other IRTA programs
- Participate actively in extension activities in welfare and sustainability in animal production.
- Improve existing tools and create new ones to evaluate animal welfare as a central element within sustainable animal production

- PhD degree in Veterinary Science or related Animal Sciences.
- In case of having obtained a PhD while in IRTA, a minimum of 2 years' post-doc experience in research centers other than IRTA is required.
- Previous experience in fund-raising in competitive European and national research or extension projects from the private sector or administration.
- Experience as a principal investigator of competitive research projects.
- Excellent scientific level (h index ≥ 13)
- Experience in directing and supervising graduate students and young researchers.
- Experience in transferring results of research to the livestock sector

Specific merits:
- Networking with national and international sustainable production research groups, competent authorities, associations and producers.
- Knowledge in other production areas related to sustainability
- Drive licence type B and availability for travelling

- Innovation capabilities
- Team work capabilities
- Education abilities
- Decision taking and team leading skills
- Ability to establish strategic alliances with other R&D national and international teams as well as the productive sector
- Ability to plan, organize and lead.
- Communication skills.
- Flexibility and adaptability to changing working environments.
- Ability to work in a team in multidisciplinary environments.

Deadline timing job ref. 40/16 Researcher in animal welfare and sustainable production systems
60 days Publication and diffusion of the job advertisement on IRTA’s website, EURAXESS Jobs,  social networks and other specific recruitment places.
2 following working days To send, for its study, the pre-selected CV which match eligibility criteria to the Selection Committee. To send an automated email for those who have not been pre-selected and cannot continue the process.
10 following working days Selection Committee:
.Interview with preselected candidates.
.To send an e-mail for those who have not been selected by the Selection Committee.
.Committee Selection Agreement with the selected candidate, giving reasons for the rest to be excluded.
. Notification by e-mail to the candidates who have been interviewed but not selected.

7 following working days To send to HR all the needed official documentation in order to make the work contract and co-ordination for establishing the start of the employment.
2017 March Start of employment (approximately)