mardi 5 avril 2011

Industrial PhD within animal welfare for pigs for slaughter

For the Danish Technological Institute, DMRI in Roskilde we seek a candidate for a three-year industrial PhD study concerning documentation of animal welfare for pigs for slaughter. The industrial PhD study is expected to commence on 1 June 2001 and is part of a future-orientated project to extend a strong preparedness within documentation of animal welfare on the day of slaughter.

Documentation of animal welfare

The purpose of the project is to extend and make a future-orientated, strong preparedness within documentation of animal welfare for pigs. Simple, measurable indicators for animal welfare on the day of slaughter to be used in the slaughterhouses' supervision should be pointed out, tested and documented by means of basic measurement methods with scientific evidence. The indicators must be accepted by the authorities, customers and other interested parties, and they must be communicated to consumers as well as to opinion-formers.
By way of introduction, the task is to single out the most straining moments for the pigs after they are collected at the farmer until slaughter. The objective is to establish the most important check points for determining animal welfare. Subsequent, objective methods to measure animal welfare at the check points found must be developed and tested. Thus, the project is multi-disciplinary covering practical investigations with physiological measurements and behavioural evaluations based on solid theoretically considerations as well as selection, test and validation of potential measurement technologies.
The Industrial PhD is granted by the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation. The precondition of the implementation of the project is the appointment of a qualified candidate who can meet the formal demands for marks described at the homepage: To receive the Industrial PhD grant you must meet with these demands for marks, and this must appear from your application.
The study will be carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at Aarhus University. The project has duration of three years and is expected to start on 1 June 2011. You will be employed at the Danish Technological Institute and your primary place of work will be the Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI) in Roskilde, but there will also be stays at the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Foulum.

Your profile

You are a scientific graduate, for example an agronomist or veterinary. It would be advantageous if you are acquainted with animal welfare and measuring technology.
Furthermore, we appreciate that you
- like practical investigations and combining theory and practice
- are interested in livestock production and ethics
- can work in the scientific environment as well as in slaughterhouses
- are creative, innovative and feel inspired to start working with new assignments
Danish Meat Research Institute
The Danish Meat Research Institute (DMRI) - a division of the Danish Technological Institute - is the innovation centre for the animal food industry. Our core competences include development of technology to streamline production systems, measurement technologies, meat quality, food safety and hygiene. Raw meat quality is one of our essential topics, and animal welfare on the day of slaughter is one of the core competences. We work on optimizing and documenting animal welfare.


We look forward to receiving your application - including documentation for meeting the demands of marks for an Industrial PhD grant - soon and no later than 26 April 2011. Please forward your application through our homepage,4 . Interviews will be held continuously.
If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact senior consultant Margit Dall Aaslyng by phone at +45 72 20 26 84.

Danish Technological Institute

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