jeudi 7 avril 2011

Masters in Research: Animal Behaviour

The Centre for Behaviour and Evolution at Newcastle University (UK) has recently started a Masters in Research (MRes) in Animal Behaviour. This is a one-year degree (as is common for UK Masters degrees). The aim of our degree is to train students in the skills required for behavioural research, including critical thinking, animal and human ethics, experimental design, and data analysis and presentation. The first semester consists of taught courses, after which the students embark on their own 20-week supervised research project, enabling them to immerse themselves in a topic area of their choice, and to develop and test their own ideas. This year’s students have chosen a variety of different projects in animal welfare, evolutionary psychology, human behavioural ecology, neuroethology, and cognition and behaviour.

We are currently recruiting students for this year. Could you please distribute the information about this Masters degree to any students who you think would be interested? We are keen to attract students with broad interests in animal and human behaviour from both proximate and ultimate perspectives.

If you or any of your students have any queries about the degree, please see our website (, or contact myself or the Degree Co-ordinator, Daniel Nettle

A complementary MRes in Neuroscience also exists (see

Thank you very much for circulating this information!


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