lundi 25 avril 2011

Postdoc: Oxford Brookes U. Primate Conservation


I am running a research project at Oxford Brookes University and am
advertising a post-doctoral position. My co-principal investigator Dr Bryan
Fry suggested that your web site was an excellent place to announce this
position. Would it be possible to provide a link via your site?;jsessionid=170804ac26f69216522904cdde16c55f873304369b10b0030ae0e896e91751ae.e34LbNmNbhiQaO0LaN8Sb34Pah8Pe6fznA5Pp7ftolbGmkTy?id=13603075


If this is not the correct way to list the post please let me know!
Thank you so much.
With best wishes
Anna Nekaris

2000-2010: Celebrating Ten Years of Primate Conservation at Oxford Brookes

Dr K.A.I. Nekaris, MA, PhD
Reader in Primate Conservation
Course Tutor in Primate Conservation (MSc)
Anthropology Field Chair

Oxford Brookes University
Nocturnal Primate Research Group
School of Social Sciences and Law
Department of Anthropology and Geography
Oxford OX3 0BP
United Kingdom

++44 (0)1865 483767
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Anna Nekaris