jeudi 12 juillet 2012

Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program Australia

Gnaraloo is a wilderness tourism business and working pastoral station on the Ningaloo coast in North Western Australia, adjacent to the Ningaloo World Heritage area and Ningaloo Marine Park. It abuts 60km of coastline, including southern parts of the Ningaloo Reef and 4 marine sanctuary zones. The Indian Ocean borders Gnaraloo to the west. Gnaraloo initiated the scientific Gnaraloo Turtle Conservation Program (GTCP) during 2005 to identify and protect the significant sea turtle rookeries on its coastline.
The GTCP 2012/13 will operate from 23 September 2012 – 7 April 2013 or as long thereafter as required for a quality final report and maps.
Turtle nesting activities will be monitored at Gnaraloo rookeries from 1 November 2012 – 28 February 2013. This field work includes daily track monitoring, species identification, determination and counts of successful and unsuccessful nesting attempts, use of GPS equipment to record nest locations and recording disturbance and predation of nests. The team will spend their days on data collection, management, analysis, report production and other wide program responsibilities. The team will interact with schools and community volunteers (presentations in Perth and various regional towns and onsite field excursions). The team will promote the GTCP through web postings and media articles. See Facebook & for field diaries, photos and reports of previous years.
The Gnaraloo turtle team 2012/13 will comprise of 4 scientific graduate volunteers who, while all working together and supporting each other in all activities, will have specific assigned individual responsibilities: (1) Experienced Team leader (Co-ordinate and manage work, start to finish); (2) Field research co-ordinator (Co-ordinate and quality control the technical research aspects and data collection at Gnaraloo Bay Rookery and Gnaraloo Farquhar Rookery); (3) School and volunteer co-ordinator (Co-ordinate and manage school and community volunteer involvement); (4) Cartographer (GIS maps of the season’s data).
All work is project managed and guided by Gnaraloo’s Environmental Advisor (GEA), an experienced environmental scientist.
A blend of scientific and practical persons with passion, enthusiasm, commitment, strong work ethic, diligence, organisational ability, good communication skills and patience, who are able to work independently as well as in team structures, would suit the positions. High competency and proficiency in Microsoft Word, Excel and computer skills are essential as are technical and analytical ability (data management, analysis, comparison, graph production and report writing). Previous experience with sea turtles is desirable but not essential as the team will receive formal training in Exmouth by the Department of Environment and Conservation in the turtle tracking protocols of Western Australia during November 2012.
The Team Leader will report for work at GEA’s office in Walpole (South Western Australia) no later than 23 September 2012. The rest of the team will arrive at GEA’s office in Walpole on 14 October 2012.
On 21 October 2012, the entire team will travel to Gnaraloo (via Perth, Geraldton and Carnarvon, giving presentations at primary and high schools).
After completion of the field work at Gnaraloo, the entire team will travel to GEA’s office for final editing and completion of the season’s scientific report and maps, from 14 March - 7 April 2013 or as long thereafter as required for a quality final report and maps.
We will provide accommodation, meals and required travel within Western Australia for program commitments.
To apply, send your resume to by
14 August 2012
Direct any questions to GEA on + 61 (0)8 9840 1556 or Skype: gturtlemama