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PhD and MPhil program in Biological Anthropology

Hiring Organization:

The Australian National University

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Position Description:

The Australian National University is currently offering PhD and Masters degrees in Biological Anthropology that can be completed with a primatology research focus. Both the Doctor of Philosophy (3 yr program - full time) and Master of Philosophy (2 yr program - full time) allow students to conduct independent field-based research projects that co-incide with the interests of staff members within the broad fields of primate behaviour, ecology and conservation. The topic and location of study are negotiable, however, ANU is currently involved in primate based research focusing on the conservation of red-shanked douc langurs and gibbons in Cambodia, thus student projects could be conducted within that larger framework.

We also offer course based Master's degrees in Biological Anthropology, where the focus is more heavily in building a solid base of knowledge in biological anthropology than in traditional research. This degree does also have short research component.


For MPhil and PhD: Applicants would normally hold one of the following 1) an honours degree (or international equivalent) in biological sciences, psychology or anthropology with high standing (first class or in certain instances, high second class). 2) a Master's degree. Whether you possess 1) or 2) is it expected that you have conducted a previous research project in the form of an honour's or a master's thesis.

For the Course-based Masters program: Applicants should have a four year Bachelors degree either as Honours or a combined degree in a cognate area from an Australian tertiary institution or its international equivalent. Equivalence may be met by the completion of the Graduate Certificate in Biological Anthropology.


Scholarships are available to both domestic and international students from the University on a highly competitive basis. See the below link for applicable tuition fees to be covered by the student.

Term of Appointment:

PhD: 3 yr full time study MPhil: 2 yr full time study MBIAN: 18 months full time study

Application Deadline:

International students: August 31; Domestic Students: October 31 each year


Please contact a suitable staff member before starting an application.

Contact Information:

Alison Behie

Australian National University

Canberra, none 0200



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