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Volunteer Research Assistant for Azafady Conservation Pro gramme

Hiring Organization:
escription: Location
Dof Post: Based in Sainte Luce 40km north of Fort Dauphin and working throughout bordering communes in Anosy Region
Supervisor: Head of Research and Project Co-ordinator
amme The Azafady Conservation Programme (ACP) accepts inter
Background of the Post in the Azafady Conservation Prog
rnational volunteers to help conduct research on the unique flora and fauna of Madagascar’s last remaining fragments of littoral forest. Our monitoring programme focuses on the endemic/endangered herpetofauna and lemur populations of Sainte Luce. Current projects include compiling information on species density and distribution and behavioural studies to build up a comprehensive understanding of their life histories and ecology. A botanical monitoring programme is also being carried out to collate species inventories for each forest fragment, with a particular emphasis on endangered palm species and how the local community use them. The ACP also implements community conservation initiatives such as environmental education in the village school, conservation through English lessons, fuel-efficient stove building and World Environment Day festivities, as well as supporting the Environment Department’s reforestation projects.
ONG Azafady is recruiting a motivated and dynamic individual to work as part of our expanding research team. The successful applicant will help conduct field research on the flora and fauna of Sainte Luce’s littoral forests. The individual will be expected to manage research projects by training volunteers in research methodologies, ensuring accurate collation of scientific data and assisting in the day-to-day management of the programme. An important aspect of this role will be to achieve a balance between collecting valuable scientific data and ensuring volunteers are happy and satisfied with the programme wherever possible. The applicant will also work with the research team to assist in writing and publishing scientific papers. Duties and responsibilities The research assistant will work in collaboration with Azafady Malagasy staff in the following activities;
discipline • Specialist knowledge of either primatology, herpetology, botany or environmental education is desirable • A
• Assist in the development and implementation of the research programme for the littoral forest fragments in Sainte Luce • Organise the logistics of the research projects including equipment and resource management • Monitor data collection in the field • Ensure the project targets are met • Supervise volunteers during their time in the field • Assist in training volunteers in field research techniques • Ensure good communication and team relations between volunteers, Azafady staff and local staff • Assist the Project coordinator in the organisation of research excursions • Any other tasks the Director/ Project Coordinator deems necessary within the broad remit of this role • Able to commit for a period of one year Qualifications/Experience: Personal specification; • Demonstrate sound knowledge and keen interest in conservation issues • A qualification in a related ble to or willing to learn to safely handle and identify reptiles and amphibians • Previous experience living or working in a developing country would be an asset • Good IT skills • Ability to grasp and carryout instruction in challenging environments and maintain a good sense of humour • First aid certificate • Working Knowledge of GPS and/or GIS is an advantage • A good degree of initiative, motivation and commitment • Excellent organisational and time management skills is a must • Excellent oral and written communication skills • Ability to work under pressure and be flexible and accommodating • Ability to work as part of a dynamic and multicultural team • Good degree of fitness for working in difficult terrain under tropical conditions • Ability to spend long periods of time in basic camping conditions Salary/funding: Unpaid Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Food and local transport will be provided whilst on projects. All other costs will need to be covered by the candidate, including accommodation when in town. Application Deadline: 20 July 2012. Comments: Anyone interested in applying for this position should send a detailed CV and a cover letter explaining how their skills and experience match the requirements in the Job Description to Mark Jacobs, by email or by post. Contact Information: Mark Jacobs Studio 7, 1a Beethoven Street London W10 4LG United Kingdom Telephone Number: + 44 (0) 20 8960 6629 Fax Number: + 44 (0) 20 8962 0126 Website:
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