vendredi 2 janvier 2015

Canine Science and Technology Project Manager

£33,990 - £36,879             
Ref: 1435063

You could put your research project management experience and expertise in canine olfaction research to national use as you lead projects and commission research that uncovers new canine detection capabilities.
At the Department for Transport (DfT), we lead on transport security policy and regulation for the UK.  Our Research, Analysis and Development (RAD) Team manages research to develop the scientific evidence base needed for policy development in this area.  Drawing on the outputs, the team advises DfT and wider government colleagues on technology and techniques used to counter the terrorist threat to transport security.
Besides offering day-to-day guidance, the team provides technical advice on security measures in fast-moving situations. Against that background, you’ll be analysing or commissioning research to give clear advice within short timescales, and leading for DfT across Whitehall in canine science and related technology discussions.
You’ll lead, contribute and drive engagement with partners across government, the transport industry and security technology providers to develop all aspects of canine detection capability. It will see you scope and deliver high quality research, liaise with customers with regard to progress and outputs, and provide the highest quality support and technical advice to transport security colleagues. All of which will involve working closely with other departments including intelligence and security agencies, international partners, transport operators and canine providers.
You will probably have developed your knowledge of canine detection from a law enforcement or private security background. Together with a degree in a scientific or technical area, you’ll have experience of international engagement. You’ll also be familiar with the application of scientific analysis and/or technology development in transport security or counter-terrorism applications.
Closing date: 23rd January 2015.