jeudi 29 janvier 2015

Post-doctoral position in animal behavior and endocrinology, Laboratory of Behavioral Reproductive Physiology, University of Tours, Fr

Post-doctoral position: mother-young relationship and sexual behavior in captive deer 

A one-year post-doctoral position is available from march/april 2015 in the laboratory of Behavioral Reproductive Physiology, UMR 7247 INRA/CNRS/University of Tours, France (; M. Keller, F. Lévy, R. Nowak). 

The postdoc will also work in close association with the Réserve de la Haute Touche of the French national museum of natural history (MNHN) (Y. Locatelli, and the mammal vocal communication and cognition research group (D. Reby,, Brighton, UK). 

The project, funded by the région Centre, is dedicated to mother-young and sexual relationships in the context of biological conservation of various species of deer. Hormonal correlates of sexual and maternal behavior will also be investigated. 

The candidate will have a strong background in animal behavior and endocrinology and great experience in behavior of wild animal, the use of software for behavioural observations, blood sampling and hormonal assays and statistical analysis. Additional experience in the field of bioacoustics will be considered as an advantage. Importantly, the post-doctoral associate should show high motivation and autonomy (scientists will not always be present on site to conduct the project on a daily basis). The project will necessitate early and late working hours, including week ends. Further assistance will be provided by animal caregivers and research students, and the candidate will have to communicate in French with these people. 

The daily work of the post-doctoral associate will take place at the réserve de la Haute Touche (located 70km and 1h20 by car from Tours) and a car is therefore required. The salary will be in accordance with INRA salary scale for engineers (IR2 INRA). The Haute Touche reserve is equipped with all the facilities to conduct animal research and perform behavioral analysis. Equipment (hormonal assay, video devices etc...) will be available at the laboratory for behavioral and reproductive laboratory in Nouzilly. The candidate would also spend some time in the group of David Reby (School of Psychology, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK) to work on the vocal communication part of the project. A reasonable level in English is therefore required. 

Interested candidates should contact M. Keller: mkeller [ chez ] and F. Lévy: levy [ chez ] for further information and send their CV in addition with 2 letters of recommendation. 

Matthieu Keller, 
Laboratoire de Physiologie de la Reproduction des Comportements UMR 7247 INRA/CNRS/Université de Tours 
37380 Nouzilly, France 
Email: mkeller [ chez ] 
Tél. 02 47 42 72 75 
Fax.02 47 42 77 43