mardi 29 mars 2011

Post-doc in primate behavioral research

Hiring Organization:
University of Chicago

Date Posted:

Position Description:
A 2- or 3-year post-doctoral position is available in the Behavioral Biology Laboratory at the University of Chicago ( The position involves research in behavioral ecology and neuroendocrinology with free-ranging rhesus macaques on the island of Cayo Santiago, Puerto Rico. If interested, send an application letter and CV to Dario Maestripieri at

Qualifications include a PhD in biology, psychology, or anthropology, experience with primate behavioral research in the field or in captivity, preferably with macaques or baboons, experience with collection and hormonal assay of fecal samples, knowledge of scientific literature in behavioral ecology and/or neuroendocrinology, and scientific publications in journals such as Animal Behaviour or Hormones and Behavior.

NIH post-doctoral salary

Term of Appointment:
Appointment starts on September 1, 2011 or later

Application Deadline:
June 30, 2011

Contact Information:
Dario Maestripieri
5730 S. Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Telephone Number:
(773) 834-4104

Fax Number:
(773) 702-0320


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