mardi 28 mars 2017

Applied Animal Behavior & Welfare M.S c . & Ph.D. opportunities

The Animal Behavior and Welfare L aboratory in the Department of Animal Science at Texas & University is seeking highly motivated graduate students to conduct research on beef cattle welfare. The laboratory ’s research is aimed at quantifying the behavior of livestock that will provide producers with scientificall y supported management strategies to enhance animal welfare and optimize productivity. Research topics include: 1. Management practices to enhance the welfare of receiving cattle 2. The rela tionship between c attle temperament, the intestinal microbiome, and physiology 3. Impa ct of nutrition on cattle behavior 4. D eveloping and validati ng te chnology to characterize individual cattle behavior Desired qualifications for candidates include : - A nimal handling and movement experience - R ecording live or video based behavior data - E xcellent computer skills - Bench laboratory experience ( preferred ) The successful applicant will have excellent communication skills (oral and written), as frequent communication with producers , stakeholders and collaborators are integ ral to our research objectives . Interested students should contact Courtney Daigle ( ) prior to applying to the graduate program and sho uld include a CV, GPA history, GRE scores, and a summary of relevant experience and career goals. Graduat e students will be provided with teaching or research assistantships. Texas A&M University also o ffers competitive gradu ate fellowships . More information about the department and the graduate program at Texas & University can be found at