mardi 5 juin 2012

Field Assistant

Hiring Organization:
Jane Goodall Institute

Date Posted:

Position Description:
We are looking for volunteer field assistants to help with monitoring of social and feeding behavior in released mandrills (papio sphinx)in Conkouati National Park, Congo. Preferred start date is August/September 2012, with a commitment for 3 months or longer. 

Primary responsibilities will be the day-to-day collection of standardized behavioral and demographic data from released individuals and collection of ecological, especially phenology data of the release area. Additional components of this research will include the collection of fecal samples for stress hormones and parasite infections, which assistants will be trained to collect and process as required. 

This is an ideal position for someone who wants to gain further field experience in preparation for a graduate program in anthropology, animal behavior, or ecology. The position will provide extensive training in field methods of behavioral ecology and endocrinology.

Given primitive field conditions and substantial responsibilities, candidates must be highly reliable and motivated individuals who will be able to work within a small team in a foreign country.

Other minimum qualifications: 
- good physical condition (daily work involves long hikes following released primates in swampy rainforest, and may include steep mountain slopes and otherwise difficult terrain), 
- comfortable with living away from family and friends and telephone communication and internet, 
- excellent attention to detail, 
- excellent social and communication skills (you will be required to live and work in primative conditions with local staff, researchers and other volunteers for an extended period), 
- ability to maintain a positive attitude toward hard and tiring work.

Preferred qualifications:
- undergraduate or graduate courses in anthropology, primatology, or animal behavior
- prior experience with systematic data collection in the field
- prior experience with behavioral observations on wild animals (preferably primates or other mammals)
- prior experience with living and working abroad
- basic level of French

Candidates must be willing/able to cover their own airfare, insurance and living expenses. Each volunteer will be required to pay $2800 for 3 months and $800 for every additional month. This fee includes visa costs; local travel costs to field site; food and support costs.


Support provided for internship/volunteer positions (travel, meals, lodging):
Field assistants will live in a guest house at the Rehabiliation centre on arrival and departure and during field breaks only. Access to internet will only be available during these times. Project will be reponsible to transport you to and from the field; and arrival; departure to airport. 

Accommodation in the field with be tents (need to bring own tent and bedding). Supply runs will be done by staff once a week. Meals will be basic, no refrigeration available. Local team will assist in acquiring visas for Congo.

Term of Appointment:
Minimum 3 months preference to 6 months or longer

Application Deadline:
Open up to March 2013; please provide CV and time you are available; two placements available

This is a remote field site, it requires people who are comfortable in being in the field for extended periods of time, this is not a permanent camp, so all facilities are basic and temporary. Field Assistants will work with local staff, who do not speak English, thus conversational level of French is preferred. PI is English speaking.

Contact Information:
Tchimpounga Rehabiliation Centre
Pointe Noire, none


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