samedi 2 juin 2012

Research Professor (tenure track)

As part of its dynamic research policy and supported by the possibilities offered by the Flemish Government through the resources of the Special Research Fund (BOF), the Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences is seeking to fill the following full-time vacancy

Research Professor (tenure track)
in the area of Biomedical Imaging covering in vivo small animal imaging and/or
microscopic imaging

Job description
The assignment consists of lecturing duties, scientific research and academic service to society. During a period, limited to five years (duration of the temporary appointment in tenure track), scientific research will be the main activity. 
Depending on background and qualifications, you will join either the Bio-Imaging team or the Cell Biology & Histology team. The Bio imaging lab at the University of Antwerp has an exceptional reputation for noninvasive in vivo Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of small laboratory animals and songbirds (for reference list see The main research focus of the Bio-Imaging lab is life imaging of neurodegeneration, - regeneration (including stem cells and neurogenesis), neuroplasticity and auditor)/ processing. The Bio-Imaging team moved March 2011 to an exquisite new facility harboring a separate 'Specific Pathogen Free (spf)' and conventional small animal animalarium. The new facility has 3 high field small animal MRI systems including two 7Tesla (one spf) and one 9.4Tesla system from Bruker, ideally suited for high resolution imaging of all aspects of the rodent brain. The lab also includes in vivo bioluminescence and fluorescence imaging devices, ideally for monitoring e.g. neurogenesis using lentiviral vector technology, and two micro CT systems.
The Cell Biology & Histology lab at the University of Antwerp has an international reputation in the area of advanced cellular and subcellular microscopic imaging and acts as a Core Facility for Biomedical Microscopic Imaging (see The main research lines focus on the autonomic innervation, neuroendocrine system and neuroimmune interactions in the respiratory and gastrointestinal tract (for reference list see Apart from the classical and advanced (confocal - multiphoton/wavelength detection/spinning disk) microscopic infrastructure and expertise, the lab recently strongly invested in new platforms for spinning disk confocal live cell imaging, laser capture microdissection and cryo-electron microscopy, including electron tomography.
The Bio Imaging and Cell Biology and Histology Labs belong to a larger imaging consortium within the University of Antwerp, EGAMI (mirror word for IMAGE;, additionally providing access to the neovest microPET/CT/SPECT equipment.
The Biomedical Imaging consortium wants to attract an outstanding neuroscientist and/or cell biologist who is seeking opportunities for using in vivo/in vitro state-of-theart live imaging techniques to answer specific research questions, who is willing to collaborate within the existing teams, benefiting from the outstanding expertise in this research field, and who is capable of expanding the scientific research in the area of in vivo smal! animal imaging and/or advanced microscopic imaging.
 You will acquire and manage external funding (national and international);
 You will supervise doctoral students;
 You will offer scientific services: you will participate as member in the
Departmental Council and in other relevant departmental activities;
 You will be assigned limited lecturing duties related with imaging courses within the Biomedical sciences education.

Profile and requirements
 You hold a doctoral degree (PhD) in neurosciences, neuroimaging, cell biology or alike, obtained after May 8th 2006;
 You have an international academic CV and perform qualitatively outstanding academic research in the broader field according to the domain involved;
 The emphases in your teaching correspond to the UA educational vision;
 Your academic qualities comply with the requirements stipulated in the university's policy (;
 You are quality-oriented, conscientious, creative and cooperative.

We offer
 A full-time position as a lecturer in a temporary appointment in the tenure track for a term of five years. This position will lead to an immediate permanent appointment as a senior lecturer if the performance is assessed favourably on the basis of previously fixed and publicly announced evaluation criteria;
 The date of appointment will be January 1st 2013;
 A gross monthly salary ranging from € 3.853,96 - € 5.680,89;
 A dynamic and stimulating work environment.

 Applications may be submitted only online, until the closing date July 8th 2012. The application form must be completed, including a detailed research proposal (mandatory) for the next five years (approx. 5 000 words) and a report of your previous scientific research activities (max. 5 000 words). In addition, you add two abstracts of the scientific content of the research plan – a scientific abstract and an abstract in layman's terms –maximum 500 words (or max. 4000 characters). All documents must be submitted in English; 
 A pre-selection will be made from amongst the submitted applications. The remainder of the selection procedure is specific to the position and will be determined by the selection committee;
 More information about the application form can be obtained from Ellen Huijer (tel. 03 265 3145);
 For questions about the profile and the description of duties, please contact please contact Prof. Annemie Van der Linden (Bio Imaging Lab tel. +32 3 265 2775) or Prof. Jean-Pierre Timmermans (Cell Biology & Histology Lab tel. +32 3 265 3327/3002/3300);
 Further information regarding the special research status can be obtained from Dr. Eric Spruyt, Head of the Research Department (tel. 03 265 30 12);
 Further information regarding the terms of the appointment can be obtained from the HR coordinator for academic personnel, Greet Dielis (tel. 03 265 31 53).
The University of Antwerp strives to contribute to an open, democratic and multicultural society. We follow an equal-opportunity policy.