mercredi 30 mars 2016

Offre de Master et these en Islande

Diel activity of Arctic charr: Phenotypic and ecological determinants
Unique Ph.D. and M.Sc. opportunities in fish ecology in Iceland

The Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology of Holar University College in northern Iceland ( seeks bright,  hard working individuals for three graduate positions associated with the research project "Diel activity of Arctic charr: Phenotypic and ecological determinants", funded by the Icelandic Center for Research (RANNIS). The research project involves a collaboration between Dr. Stefan O. Steingrimsson, Dr. Camille Leblanc, Dr. Helgi Thorarensen at Holar Univ. College, Dr. James W.A. Grant at Concordia University in Montréal, Canada, and Dr. Gudbjorg Asta Olafsdottir at the Research Centre of the Westfjords, University of Iceland. Holar University College is a small specialized university, with an ambitious research program in fish biology, aquaculture and aquatic ecology, with special focus on evolution, behavioural ecology and physiology.

The goal of the project is to examine the phenotypic and ecological correlates of diel activity and growth in stream-dwelling Arctic charr. Specifically, we examine the effect of personality (boldness), metabolic rate, water temperature, food availability, interspecific competition (w. brown trout) and stream habitat, by monitoring individually tagged fish under a mixture of laboratory and field experimental conditions. The project provides insights into how salmonids use, share and compete for habitats in time and space at high latitudes, and how individuals vary in their response to different ecological condition.

The positions offered are for one Ph.D. candidate and two M.Sc. candidates. Ideally, the Ph.D. student and one M.Sc. student should start no later than in the summer of 2016. The second M.Sc. student is expected to start in January 2017.

The Ph.D. candidate will be enrolled at the Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences at the University of Iceland, but based at Holar University College. Applicants should have an M.Sc. degree in biology or closely related disciplines, have a strong academic background, and be able to work independently in demanding situations. Prior experience in collecting ecological data in the wild is an obvious advantage. Pending satisfactory progress of the project, the Ph.D. candidate will be funded for 3 years (365 000 Icelandic kronur per month).

The M.Sc. candidates will be enrolled and based at the Department of Aquaculture and Fish Biology of Holar University College. Applicants should have a B.Sc. degree in biology or related disciplines and have a strong academic record. Each M.Sc. candidate will receive partial funding for 24 months  (165 000 Icelandic kronur per month).

Applicants should contact Dr. Stefan O. Steingrimsson at Holar University College ( Applications should include a recent CV, a short statement of research interest, names and contact information for two references, and an academic transcript. The application deadline is 1 May, 2016 or until appropriate candidates have been recruited.
Stefan O. Steingrimsson (Ph.D.), Associate Professor Dept. of Aquaculture and Fish Biology, Haeyri 1, 550 Saudarkrokur, Iceland