jeudi 27 avril 2017

PhD-course on Fish Behaviour in Sweden

Welcome to an exciting PhD-student course on
The course is given by BioEnv, University of Gothenburg, 23-27 October 2017 as a 5-day workshop at Kristineberg, Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences, beautifully situated at the west coast of Sweden
Fish Behaviour. 2008. (Eds. C. Magnhagen, V. Braithwaite, E. Forsgren, and B. Kapoor.). 648 pp. Science Publishers. (for content, see below).
In preparation for the workshop each student reads the book “Fish Behaviour” and writes three essays (2-3 A4 pages) on two freely chosen chapters from the book, and one selected research paper within the student’s own field of research. In addition, at the workshop the student (1) gives a short presentation on his/her work in fish behaviour (2) provides constructive feedback on talks by fellow students, (3) listens to plenary talks given by the teachers, and (4) discusses selected book chapters and research papers in group seminars led by the teachers. Full participation in the course gives 4 HP credits.
Professor Jörgen Johnsson,, University of Gothenburg
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Professor Lotta Kvarnemo,, University of Gothenburg
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Professor Isabelle Côté,, Simon Fraser University, Canada
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Dr. Ines Braga Goncalves,, University of Bristol, UK
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Dr. Karin Kjernsmo,, University of Bristol, UK
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Application should be sent by email to Jörgen Johnsson, The application deadline is Friday 28 May. In the email, applicants should provide a brief description (max 1 page) of their main interest in fish behaviour research. The number of course participants is limited to 25 on a first come – first served basis. The course if free of charge, but the students have to purchase the course literature at own expense. A detailed workshop program and other essential information will be sent out in early June. For further information, please contact Jörgen Johnsson or Lotta Kvarnemo (emails above).
We look forward to receiving your application!
Jörgen and Lotta
Fish behaviour
Eds. C. Magnhagen, V. Braithwaite, E. Forsgren, and B. Kapoor. Science Publishers.
PART 1: The Basis - The Senses of Fish: Chemosensory, Visual and Octavolateralis: John C. Montgomery and Alexander G. Carton - Cognition: Learning and Memory: Victoria A. Braithwaite and Anne Gro Vea Salvanes - Hormones and Social Behaviour of Teleost Fish: Rui F. Oliveira and David M. Gonçalves - The Genetics of Fish Behavior: Alison M. Bell
PART 2: Essentials of Life - Migration and Habitat Choice in Marine Fishes: Julian Metcalfe, David Righton, Paul Eastwood and Ewan Hunter - Fish Foraging Behaviour in Theory and Practice: Paul J.B. Hart, Michael M. Webster and Ashley J.W. Ward - Assessment of Predation Risk by Prey Fishes: Jennifer L. Kelley - Variation in Sexual Selection in Fishes: Ingrid Ahnesjö, Elisabet Forsgren and Charlotta Kvarnemo - Mate Choice: Ulrika Candolin and Bob B.M. Wong - Parental Care and Sexual Selection: Kai Lindström and Colette M. St Mary - Alternative Reproductive Tactics in Fishes: Rosemary Knapp and Bryan D. Neff
PART 3: Coping with a Complex World - Cooperative Behaviour in Fishes: Sigal Balshine and Peter M. Buston - Group-Living and Social Networks: Jens Krause, Ashley J.W. Ward, Richard James and Darren P. Croft - Decision Making and Trade-offs in Fish Behaviour: Carin Magnhagen and Anne E. Magurran - Parasites and Fish Behaviour: Iain Barber and Ben J. Rushbrook - New Perspectives on Marine Cleaning Mutualism: Redouan Bshary and Isabelle M. Côté - Behaviour and Welfare in Farmed Fish: Eva Brännäs and Jörgen I. Johnsson