lundi 10 avril 2017

PhD Thesis

What do you do when there is nothing to do? MSc thesis o n the characterisation of different forms of inactive behaviour and their consequences for pig and cattle welfare Background While the main focus of animal welfare science has been to redu ce negative states such as stress or fear, other potentially ne gative states associated with i n creased levels of in activity h ave been somewhat neglected. As the economic pressure results in more barren environments, perhaps it is these states that coul d have the greatest impact on the daily life of the animal. So the question is, does environmental deprivation lead to negative states like boredom, apathy or even depression - like states? And if so, how can we measure them? What do they mean for the welfar e of pigs and cattle? Aim s of the thesis  Development of an ‘inactivity - ethogram’ for pigs and cattle : Identification and detailed description o f different forms of inactive behaviour  Application of the ‘inactivity ethogram’ for further ch aracterisation of this behaviour ( depending on your interest, e.g. investigation of diurnal shifts, differences between individuals , or association with other behaviours or variables of interest). Starting date Preferably April/ May but negotiable. Contact details Sara Hintze Division of Liv e stock Sciences , University of Natu ral Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Austria Email: